Masters of Mobility


8.3 Utrecht and Tönning

In 1645-1647 we find Cornelis in Utrecht, living in a house in Preacher’s Street (Predikherenstraat). According to art historian Swillens, he made the decorative masks in terracotta for a fountain on the Vredenburg,1 and from a lawsuit we know that the sculptor delivered stone to a local stonecutter, Jan van Os.2

In this period Karel van Mander III, konstschilder van de majesteyt van Denemarken, tried to help the now adult daughter of another member of the Van Nijendael family to retrieve her mother’s money from her legal guardian, the goldsmith Hans Lambrechts, who then lived in Copenhagen.3 It will come as no surprise that the Utrecht notary who was in charge was a member of the Nijendael family too.4

This Aeltgen/Anna van Nyendael, baptized in Helsingør, was the daughter of goldsmith Willem van Nyendaell and Anna Treshout or Trehou, who had died in childbirth in 1621. Anna herself was the daughter of the famous director of the choir of Christian IV, Gregorius Trehou (Antoing c. 1540/1550 – Helsingør 1619).5 At some point, Cornelis van Mander took over the case from his elder brother.6 In 1645, he is referred to in the archival documents as konstigh beeldhouwer en steenhouwer.7 In this period in Utrecht Cornelis van Mander also settled the heritage of his wife, whose mother, Anthonia Roeloffs, had recently passed away.8

In 1648-1650 we find Cornelis van Mander in Tönning, where he is involved in the building of a new town gate for which he also delivers the Bückeburg sandstone.9 In 1648 he sold some paintings and pistols to the duke and from 1649-1652 he traveled in the area as a representative of the duke.10 It is quite likely that he had to make an inventory of the damage the war had caused to buildings and infrastructure. In 1649 he delivered the stone for the restoration of the Hardesvogtei (a small court house) in Kropp.11


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